XFEST is a Christian rock festival which takes place annually on labor day weekend in Stevenson Washington, just 45 minutes from Portland Oregon.  XFEST is essentially 3 days of camping, community, bands and artists.  We, at Xfest, propose that art and music convey the artists sense and view of the world as they know it to be.   Xfest is a venue for that expression.   Where God and hang'n with one another is at the center.

XFEST has functioned as an annual event on Labor Day weekend (at the end of summer) since 2002.  Always at the Skamania County Fair grounds in Stevenson Washington.  And always a great time.

Xfest has been, from year to year, a small but successful event.  Our goal has been and is to keep our experience about people, music and God with us.

We are seeking to raise funds for this years event.  And plan to hold a few fundraiser gigs around the Portland area as venues become available.  If you are interested in helping us organize and put on an Xfest benefit show this spring, please contact us at the email below.

If you are interested in donating finacial support to this years event, please follow the link below to our PAYPAL page.

Thanx....We look forward to seeing you this year !!!

xfest nw copyrigth 2014